The Earth Died Screaming

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> Because it couldn't possibly be more clear that existing political systems are committed to behaviors that will cause our extinction, one has to ask: can we just sabotage the fossil fuel economy out of existence? In this episode, we assess three answers to that question, and the underlying psychologies that produce them. One, the fossil fuel industry's, or in any case their proxies in the field of security studies. Two, the mainstream climate movement's, albeit a unique faction of it, represented by the Andreas Malm book How to Blow Up a Pipeline. Finally, the radical environmental movement's, as represented by a literature review I wrote in 2016. In the end, we'll see how worldview and tactics/strategy are deeply related, and how the climate justice narrative doesn't motivate the same confrontational behavior as the radical environmental narrative.

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/r/CollapseScience wiki - A great collection of scientific papers on collapse and collapse-related topics (climate change, electric cars, societal effects)
This wiki is relatively new but it is already an extensive resource so I thought you people might like this.