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How can you say a catalog is limited when you get 4 hours of new music a day?? It’s a good way of thinking of it.

I was referring to the limited amount of artists, no big names as of yet – but that does not bother me. I like listening to new and lesser known artists. There is so much good music out there!

But I see it looks like you pay as you stream up to $11.20

It is not a hard cap at $11.20, it is just one example of how much you would spend in a month listening to new music for 4 hours a day. Their model is based on gradually increasing the price every time you stream a song. First stream of a song costs you 1 cent. The sixth time you listen to a song, it’ll cost you 10 cents and by the ninth listen you have paid for it in full (about a dollar in total) and you will not have to pay any more to listen to it, as you now own it.

In other words; exploring new music is quite cheap, and when you find a track, artist or album that you really like, you will pay a fair price and own it after the ninth listen. And if you do not stream for a while, you’re paying nothing, as there is no monthly fee. I have to say I really like this pricing model!

It doesn’t appear to be FOSS

Yes it is, but I will add a proposal where I suggest that this is mention on their landing page, or at least have a link to the repo in the footer.

Btw, it is a great feeling to be a member of such a project, not just a “user” like with Spotify. As a listener and member, I have voting rights and can also influence the development of this project.

Did not know this, but it confirms that I choose the right codeforge to selfhost.

I discovered Resonate today, immediately became a member and have been discovering lovely new music all evening. I quit Spotify a few years ago when I realized that most artists get pennies while a few really big names get enormous payouts. Seeing an artist and user owned streaming service, completely open sourced under GPL 3.0 and with a thriving community where everything is developed in the open – it really made my day. Yes, their catalogue is still tiny compared to every other streaming service, but the music I have listened to today is of really good quality. I will still listen to and buy music from other services like Bandcamp, but I became a member of Resonate also because I really want such a service to exist and thrive! What do you think?