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If you’re a respectable human, you oughtta DM Serge and apologize

Actually I like this video better as it gives more context than the Reuters video, granted Reuters covers the same context in their article


Marina Ovsyannikova was holding up a sign behind a studio presenter and shouting slogans denouncing the war in Ukraine. She then posted a video apologizing for her past work in spreading Kremlin propoganda

We agree completely, I agree with you, that we do not know. However, if you do research on this subject, you can read what independent journalists and scientists have to say and the likelihood of it being any kind of weapons is very low. We agree. You’re just more skeptical and crossing into borderline conspiracy territory by not providing evidence to back up your skepticism. I will happily go into my search history and provide you links of well known scientists discussing this topic if you’d like.

I don’t agree with you here. I just read your linked article and it named most of the TikTokers who were briefed, furthermore some of those in attendance were able to summarize and criticize the meeting. The Russia TikTokers, like you yourself said, may not even have had a choice and were not able to voice their own opinions, instead reading from a script. Perhaps those Russian TikTokers don’t deserve the hate they’re getting because the choice of whether to participate or not wasn’t on the table for them. In the American case we have 30 TikTokers get a brief of the situation on a Zoom call with zero obligation to talk about the situation. Also full transparency is provided with them talking about the situation as well as Washington Post publishing a story. Also, I’ve looked at most of their accounts and instead they all seem to talk about the zoom call and stay out of the geopolitics of it all, instead many are supporting Ukrainian businesses and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians who are actually there.

So the end product is not the same. The Russian TikTokers are reading a script of a narrative that their government wants everyone to believe. The American TikTokers are not forced to post anything at all and are encouraged to ask questions and be transparent, and based on their TikToks the briefing was very elementary with almost no narrative provided leaving it up to them to do their own research and form their own opinions.

Completely different outcomes and situations. Also, I was curious about the Russian TikTokers and went on a search spree and it does appear to be verifiable. The OG poster provided accurate account usernames and hashtags to use to find these TikToks of the script being read.

Seems like a literal script rather than what the White House was doing

The claims for weapons being developed in these biolabs were proven false by a lot of news outlets and scientists. It seems like this has become a vapid talking point.