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While he was a colonialist, mass murderer of Algeria and rabid anticommunist who savagely suppressed communist uprisings in France, he was still better than the Macron type US puppet regimes of the modern day France. He was also a truthful and sincere antifascist, which is frankly rare in this day and age. I have no doubt if De Gaulle saw Macron supporting the ukrainian nazis he would struggle in his grave

What is this graineater? How could you do this to us? We are your family! You are punished, no grain for you for the next month! Only broccoli! Now go to your room!

Thats not the SS, the SS has the Totenkopf. This is from the SS Galizien, an SS unit made up exclusively of ukrainian nazis commanded by Stepan Bandera during WW2.

“We cant just open a bank account” actually you can, Hungary and Italy just did it, no need to renegotiate anything. Seriously dude, stop believing what your US puppet government tells you. Russia announced this 1 month ago, your government had 1 MONTH to get its shit together and they even refused to SAY that they would do so, while other countries already had. Russia is the most sanctioned country on earth and is engaged in a war for its own survival. Meanwhile your government is actively attacking Russia, by participating in mass sanctions, which included seizing HALF of the Russian Central Banks ENTIRE assets. Bulgaria has US military bases, which could attack Russia at any time, and since a few years the US has even been talking about placing nuclear missiles in Bulgaria. I dont care if you think its “a breach of contract”, you are engaged in an active war against Russia. Russia would be well in its right to cut off gas to all of Europe. And yet, all they asked was to get paid in rubles, so the ruble can recovery from the brutal sanctions YOUR GOVERNMENT imposed, and also to get the euros that will then be converted into rubles deposited in a russian bank, instead of a european bank as before, so that they cannot be seized by the EU if they place more sanctions.

“We have a very lose coalition” Stop believing the lies your government tells you. In my country Spain they say the same bs, “oh no we have to reach an agreement, these are the difficulties of democracy” bla bla bla. The truth is when the bourgeoisie or the EU wants a reform, such as changing the constitution to allow more privatization and shock therapy, they all immediately agree and the vote passes. This is just an excuse, the reality is they chose to not do anything and this is only their fault. Stop believing their lies.

All that Bulgaria had to do was open an account in Gazprombank and pay there in euros, which are then sold by the bank for rubles which are then paid to Gazprom. Bulgaria doesnt need rubles, only euros and an account at Gazprombank. Many countries including Italy ( https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-27/eni-prepares-to-open-ruble-accounts-for-gas-as-eu-warns-firms ), Germany ( https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/mar/31/germany-braces-for-an-end-to-reliance-on-russian-gas ), Hungary ( https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/hungary-working-solution-pay-russian-gas-may-foreign-minister-2022-04-06/ ) and Slovakia ( https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/slovak-minister-says-paying-roubles-could-be-an-option-country-needs-gas-2022-04-03/ ) have done so already. Clearly the US used Poland and Bulgaria to test what Russia would do if the EU didnt pay by forcing their governments to not pay. And now bulgarians and poles will suffer because of this. Absolutely despicable.

Damn. Im in Spain and inflation is hitting hard too. Electricity, gas and gasoline mainly but also food. Its also stupid because our gas comes from Algeria, not Russia. But since the EU forces gas price to be equal for all of Europe we have to pay for Von Der Leyens bullshit. And now our moronic president has recognized Western Sahara as moroccan territory to bootlick the US, so Algeria (which supports the Western Saharan government) is angry and they may cut our gas too! Our leaders are criminally incompetent.

Bulgaria refused to pay, should they send it for free? Actually Germany said it would pay from the beginning. Austria, Hungary and Slovakia also said so i think. Im sorry for bulgarians because they dont deserve this but this is the bulgarian governments fault, not Russias.

I wish lol unfortunately it didnt happen. And they tried it twice!

They dont actually have to pay in rubles. What they have to do is open a bank account in the russian bank Gazprombank and deposit the payment in Euros there. Gazprombank then sells the Euros on the Moscow Stock Exchange for rubles, which are then sent to Gazprom (the russian state owned gas company). So while they are de facto paying in rubles they dont need to actually have them, euros are fine. Poland did this because the US ordered them to. I think they wanted to test Russias limits, see what they would do if they refused to pay. Now millions will suffer because of this. Truly despicable.

Its sad indeed. Bulgarians and russians are very close, Bulgaria even tried to join the USSR. I hope bulgarians protest and force their government to retract. They dont deserve this. Fuck NATO.

How is the situation now in Poland? Are gas prices skyrocketing? Are people scared? Are there protests or something?

This is serious. Either Poland and Bulgaria retract immediately or a serious economic crisis is here. Poland gets 45% of their gas from Russia, while Bulgaria gets 90%. This is fucked up, they should have paid.

Also they are 100% Al Qaeda propaganda. They only operate in Al Qaeda controlled territory (Idlib), not even the kurds want them.