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Need to learn how to buy and use digital currencies privately, anonymously, and avoid tyrannical governments. And at the same time avoid scams!

What’s the best AUR package? Or should I be using .jar?

I think Briar is capable of relaying messages. As long as Briar users come into range at some point, messages will be exchanged.

I’d be interested in battery consumption issue.

Many of the top tier messaging platforms are trying to solve today’s problems and vulnerabilities. I like that Tox does not require a huge centralized infrastructure (only DHT) and is P2P. Tox is very fast and works well over Tor too. However, P2P, DHT, and limited infrastructure has it’s own challenges.

I think Session and Status.im are better positioned.

If a device is compromised, the adversary can do whatever they want: screenshots, keyloggers, fork Signal and install their own client.