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This may not be as amazing if you’re not from Atlanta, but someone at the local bike co-op ( recently came in to paint a bike using MARTA (the local public transit authority; colors! I’ve never seen such a good reaction and I’ve definitely never seen a b…


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Had a USPS bike in the shop recently

A USPS team bike

Bought along with a mixte in the same color as a matching his/hers set for $150. Stripped and rebuilt them with new alloy wheels, dynamo hubs and headlights in the front and 2 speed automatix hubs in the back…

Buy a new bike and conversion kit, or an e-bike?

It seems obvious. If i spend 600€ on a new bike and 600€ on a conversion kit, i will get a very high spec e-bike. But i would have to spend double that, about 3000€ to get an okay quality off-the-shelf e-bike. …

(E-bikes) power tool batteries vs. e-bike batteries (cost per unit capacity compared)

Which batteries give the most juice for the money? …

mid-drive motor kits are only for people taller than 5'9"

In the search for a mid-drive motor kit I’ve found that most distributors neglect to state the size of the crank arm. The few that do have chosen a size that’s optimum for people 5’9" or taller. …

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