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Or, maybe if you’re a dinosaur and you evolved under something like 60% air oxygen, which was actually why animals were so big back then.

I agree with the most part, but I’m pretty sure that the greater size of the animals was due to high levels of oxygen, not low ones. Because the bigger you get, the more difficult does it become to capture enough oxygen and distribute it through your large body for the big demand of oxygen that your massive amount of cells have.

Edit: I’m wrong. Sorry for terrible link, but was the first thing I found on the issue: https://www.firstpost.com/tech/news-analysis/atmospheric-oxygen-during-dinosaurs-time-much-lower-than-assumed-says-study-2-3641691.html

The results of this comprehensive study suggest that atmospheric oxygen during most of the past 220 million years was considerably lower than today’s 21 per cent.

“We suggest numbers between 10 and 15 per cent,” said Tappert.

Tappert now suggests to reconsider these theories: “We do not want to negate the influence of oxygen for the evolution of life in general with our study, but the gigantism of dinosaurs cannot be explained by those theories.”

Before you gave the definition I thought it was some kind of special Dungeons&Dragons mode for mobile phones. Not sure how that would look like.

Is this also happening with gas (which would require to be paid in rubles if I remember correctly) or just with oil?

What are the main differences between gtio.io and wolfballs (not meant as an insult, but a genuine question to clear up the goals and general philosophy of the instance)?

May this be one of many happy days for you, good human!

I’m not really having a wonderful day. At least not any better or much worse than other days. But there are days that I sometimes am really happy (euphoric would maybe be a better word, I want to laugh, run, jump and do stuff) for seemingly no reason. Unfortunately it only last for a few minutes and afterwards it’s just all the same again. But with some hard work I’ll probably be happier in the future, thanks!

the only thing that bothers me is lemmy.ml bears the name of the platform

I mean, so does lemmy.pt and lemmy.cat, but you are right, people see it as the first instance recommended on join-lemmy with the most users and that is has lemmy as its name and think it’s in some way the official instance.

Probably due to the sudden influx of GenZedong users after their subreddit got quarantined.

There are other instances that may be more tolerant of other views if you consider that this instance is not tolerant enough. It should be noted that lemmy.ml is described in the sidebar as “a community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts”, so I think it should have been pretty clear that there was going to be a bias.

The admins are allowed to moderate however they like with the rules they see appropriate. If you disagree with their decisions, you shouldn’t expect to be welcomed on lemmy.ml and should instead look for another lemmy instance that better aligns with your ideas.

There isn’t any instance that allows such content yet, as far as I know, but you can always create one.

Maybe randomly sort the instances with more than x users?

I think in the mean time, one could by default randomly sort the instances.

Yeah, you are probably right, but I thought of leningrad, because both also begin in le.

One of the criticisms that has sometimes been brought up against Lemmy is that it is just for “tankies” (which is not true, but they see the biggest instance described as “a community of leftist privacy and FOSS enthusiasts”, that contrary to all other social networks doesn’t label communists and other people as being part of a dangerous violent extremist movement; and the second biggest instance whose icon is the picture of a literal tank with red background, and a title that is a play on Leningrad and Lemmy). I therefore think that promoting diversity among instances in actions like these is a good idea.

Wait, one can block communities? How do I do that? It has only been GenZedong that has gotten a bit too present in the All page and is really the only one I want to hear less from.

Advocacy on subreddits that are involved in the DOSing of the Lemmygrad instance of Lemmy?
Is it counterproductive to explain misconceptions about Lemmy and advocate for its use on anti-communist subreddits that have suddenly given Lemmy a lot of attention (some by DOSing) due to the quarantining of the GenZedong subreddit and subsequent migration of its users from there to Lemmygrad? I thought it could be a great way to increase Lemmy adoption now that it is getting so much attention from them. However, some people on there actively are trying to harm the Lemmygrad instance, and I worry commenting on there would bring more of that unwanted attention to that instance. Should I or should I not get involved? I'm talking about these people: * [https://old.reddit.com/r/EnoughCommieSpam/comments/tmi1o4/we_found_out_where_genzedong_went_feel_free_to/](https://old.reddit.com/r/EnoughCommieSpam/comments/tmi1o4/we_found_out_where_genzedong_went_feel_free_to/) * [https://old.reddit.com/r/GenUsa/comments/tm0ils/guess_who_else_is_on_lemmygrad/](https://old.reddit.com/r/GenUsa/comments/tm0ils/guess_who_else_is_on_lemmygrad)