Some time ago I started following some Twitter accounts from the Mastodon instance I’m on, via one of the many Birdsitelive instances. Suddenly they all disappeared and I thought of a server down; no problem I followed them again via another Birdsitelive instance. Until this week: also those ones disappeared. Then I asked to my admins, they answered they are blocking Birdsitelive instances one by one because of their huge resource consuming on server. But: shouldn’t the “weight” be on the side of the Birdsitelive server? From Mastodon I’m only reading, I shouldn’t being generating anything. Am I missing some technical info?


I think every tweet you get from a mastodon instance mirroring Twitter accounts is saved somewhere on the Fedivers. Probably on the bird-mastodon instance. But also on your instance, because I think it renders all these tooths on the general timeline, etc.

Is there a scaling problem on Mastodon? Maybe for amateur instances it could be a problem…

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