"the lithium that is coveted by corporations and governments of other countries, will not have it, it will belong to Mexico".

Let’s gooo!

Also pretty sure Bolivia is holding an international Lithium forum with Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Venezuela in the coming days to discuss how to develop and utilize Lithium in a way that benefits the region as a whole and done in a sustainable way while also benefiting the people first and foremost.

Edit: source https://www.telesurtv.net/news/bolivia-sera-sede-primer-foro-latinoamericano-litio-20220411-0034.html

Prepare for some “Mexico is an evil authoritarian regime that commits genocide against some ethnicity you haven’t heard about and also has Weapons of Mass Destruction” in five years. And libs falling for it.

Congratulations to Juan Guaido for becoming the new interim president of Mexico!

That recall vote he called really makes sense now. Makes regime change harder for the CIA after he pulled in 90+ approval rating.

American backed coup loading in 3 2 1…

Soviet Snake

Could someone please write a countdown website to see how much it takes to the US to do a coup in Mexico?


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